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We supply pharmacy, vaccine, medical and laboratory refrigerators/freezers in Canada. Our experience and attention to detail allow us to provide a product that offers superior uniformity, outstanding reliability, and exceptional benefits that offers the best value on the market.

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Lab & Pharmacy Refrigerators:

Our medical refrigerators are designed specifically to meet the demanding temperature requirements for safe vaccine storage. With temperature ranges of 2 to 8 Celsius , these medical refrigerators will securely store influenza (LAIV, FluMist); rotavirus (RV1, Rotarix and RV5, RotaTeq); typhoid (Ty21-A, Vivotif); yellow fever (YF-Vax); VAR (Varivax); ZOS (Zostavax); and MMRV (ProQuad).

Our vaccine storage refrigerators, in conjunction with our NIST traceable thermometers, will provide you with the solution you need to meet Health Canada, CDC, VFC (Vaccines for Children) and local health authority vaccine storage requirements. We also offers multiple temperature monitoring options which include data loggers, 7 day chart recorders and wireless remote alarm systems. Whether you are a small doctor’s office or large clinic, 360 Medical has the complete solution you need to become compliant for your vaccine storage.

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Lab & Pharmacy Freezers:

Protecting the integrity of your work is imperative which is why many research laboratories and scientific facilities rely on 360 Medical for our expertise in high quality refrigeration solutions. Our selection of laboratory freezers are equipped to store a number of samples within a variety of applications from general storage, plasma and test samples to biologicals, temperature sensitive materials, reagents and other media. 360 Medical laboratory freezers are available in 1.5 to 35 cubic foot capacities, all of which are designed to provide superior temperature uniformity and reliability through their state-of-the-art technology and high-quality engineering. Whether looking for an automatic or manual defrost freezer in an undercounter, upright or chest model, we have a vast selection of laboratory freezers to meet your individual application, setting, and budgetary needs. If you’re not sure what type of freezer you need, contact one of our Laboratory Freezer specialists.

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  Ultra Low Temperature Freezers:

Total sample protection and integrity are as important to us as they are to you, which is why we continually strive to provide the reliable line of low temperature freezers and ultra low temperature freezers ranging in temperatures from -40°C to -86°C.

We have a complete line of upright and chest style low temp freezers. Rounding out our portfolio, we offer compact ultra low freezers which includes a portable unit for field transport and a stackable unit for space-saving capability.

All of our low temp and ultra low temp freezers are ideal for long term storage of whole blood, clinical plasma, serum, cell lines, sensitive stem cells, and other biological samples. These freezers are specifically designed to securely store your most critical samples while saving you valuable lab space with their small footprint. They are available in a wide range of sizes and come standard with an innovative refrigeration system, heavy-duty cabinet construction and state-of-the-art control system.

 External monitoring systems can also be retrofitted for proper observance of environmental conditions, internal temperatures and freezer performance, ensuring peace of mind to the researcher.

To better fit your ULT freezer needs, we offer optional temperature recorders plus full, configurable inventory management systems to efficiently organise whatever you’re storing.

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Bood Banks:

Fiocchetti has provided high quality laboratory equipment and refrigerated products for over 20 years. Their experience and attention to detail allow us to provide a product that offers superior uniformity, outstanding reliability, and exceptional benefits that bring value every day. In addition, our commitment to service and support ensures satisfaction throughout the life of your product. Whether storing blood products, reagents, vaccines, or medication, a Fiocchetti product offers mobile alerting protection.

The Fiocchetti system can come equipped with a feature intended for temperature measurement in the surrounding area. This feature allows to monitor the temperature in real time and receive a notification by SMS text message, identified as the Temperature Info SMS, to user phone number when the set temperature MIN or MAX thresholds are exceeded. For this purpose you may use the system’s built-in temperature sensor

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Power Failure Medical Grade Fridges:

Haier HBC ice lined vaccine refrigerators are the answer to unstable power grids. Haier HBC ice lined vaccine refrigerators will maintain temperature for upto 50 hours without the presence of electricity.

Haier HBC ice lined vaccine refrigerators virtually eliminates any chance of a cold chain incident by ensuring that the temperature within the fridge stays within the critical 35-46°F (2-8°C) temperature range for upto 50 hrs, regardless of why the fridge stopped working (power outage, equipment malfunction, cord unplugged, etc...).

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Temperature Monitoring system:

Fridge and freezer monitoring, alarming, and reporting solutions reduce the risk of lost product and regulatory non-compliance for your life science environments and critical cold storage applications.

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Biological safety cabinet.:

Total sample protection and integrity are as important to us as they are to you, which is why we continually strive to provide the reliable line of low temperature freezers and ultra low temperature freezers ranging in temperatures from -40°C to -86°C.

Various laboratory procedures generate aerosols and droplets that may spread biohazardous material in the work area. Biological safety cabinets — also called biosafety cabinets or tissue culture hoods — are the primary means of containment developed for working safely with biohazardous materials.

When appropriate practices and procedures are followed, BSCs are designed to:
 • Protect the worker and the environment from biological agents
• Protect the research materials from contamination.

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Scientific and biomedical accessories:

360 Medical is committed to the supply high quality, reasonably-priced scientific and biomedical supplies. We sell top quality laboratory supplies to the Canadian market at unbeatable prices.

360 Medical has been continuously offering not only the traditional regular lab consumables in the field of molecular biology, histology, microbiology etc, but also the very popular Biobank products which is truly the current prevailing trends in the near future.

Most of our products are FDA and ISO certified, DNase and RNase free and non-pyrogenic using the highest quality medical-grade plastic materials.

360 Medical strives to provide our customers with exactly what they are looking for by engaging in market research and participating in continuous new product development. Your products needs and demands are important to us. Our focus is on building long-term relationships, allowing us to have a better understanding of the knowledge and experience your need to be successful in your market. We are proud to serve many laboratories coast to coast in Canada.

To learn more about 360 Medical's accessories, Call us today 1-800-209-2082 We will help you find what you are looking for.

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