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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: What are medical grade refrigerators/freezers made for?

Answer: Medical grade refrigerators and freezers are designed for the hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, doctor’s rooms and general use for the storage of drugs and vaccines under controlled conditions. 

2.  Question: When do I get my refrigerator/freezer after I make the payment?

Answer: Delivery info for medical grade refrigerators and freezers:
Upon purchase you will receive your unit within 2 to 10 days based on your location.
Please refer the table below for delivery info.

  Province    Number of Days 
  AB     5 
  BC     5 
  MB     4 
  NB     5 
  NL     5 
  NT    10 
  NS     5 
  ON     2 
  PE     5 
  QC     3 
  SK     3 
  YT    10 


3. What Brand of medical grade refrigerators/freezer do you supply:

Answer: We are exclusive distributor of Haier® Medical Equipment. Haier® Medical Equipment is globally known for innovation and high quality. We also supply Summit medical fridges/freezers.


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If you would like to request for a quote, please mention the model name of the unit. Ex. hyc-610... 

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